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Car Front End Vibrates While Driving

The car front end vibrates while driving, this problem can be observed especially when the car vibrates at certain speeds.

Car troubleshooting

Vibration on the front end portion of the car is usually a cause of imbalance front wheels. As you probably know tires and wheels are not perfectly manufactured there are some manufacturing flaws that affect the tires or wheels like for the tires there is a portion where some section is thicker than the other making the weight of the tire not evenly distributed.

When the tire was assembled to the wheel this uneven weight distribution can make the assembly imbalance. To correct the imbalance wheel weights will be attached to the assembly to compensate for the uneven weight distribution made by manufacturing flaws.

If the wheel assembly is out of balance the wheel rotates unevenly when the car is driven thus causing vibration. The vibration can become severe as the car reaches a certain speed causing the front end components to vibrate severely which can easily felt the by the driver especially if the problem involved is on the front tires.

Possible cause of front end vibration while driving out

of the balance wheel

How to fix the front end vibration problem

When your car suffers a front end vibration while driving, the first thing to do is to balance the front tires. Tires can be balanced using the static method or dynamic method. When we say static method the procedure is to remove the tire from the car then have it balance.

On the other hand, a dynamic balancing procedure is that the tire will be balanced on the car, this method of balancing is the best method to use because the wheel is balanced with the consideration of the influence of the brake disc or drum with the wheel.

How Tire Balancing is Conducted

Wheel balancing should be included in your routine car maintenance to maximize the life of the tire and to minimize the occurrence of front end vibration in your car.

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