Engine Stall Troubleshooting and Problem Diagnostics

Car Trouble Symptoms
When the engine stall happened when the engine is cold or it occurs during morning with wet condition.

Troubleshooting car problems
There is moisture on the distributor cap. This kind of problem happens when the engine is cold especially on morning with wet weather. When the weather is wet and you park your car overnight on open parking moisture is formed inside a distributor cap because the engine is cold, the formed moisture will allow the electrical current to sweep inside the distributor cap, when this thing happened it will cause the engine to misfire. The misfiring is so extreme that will cause engine stalling.

How to fix engine stalling problem
This kind of problem can easily be avoid, if you forecast that a rain is coming do not leave your car to park outside , better park the car on a covered parking to avoid the formation of moisture inside the distributor cap.

However when this kind of problem becomes frequent the possible cause is vacuum leak. Vacuum leak problem often start undetected until it get worst overtime until the engine stalls. The purpose of the vacuum that is created on your car is to determine how much fuel is needed by the engine. When there is vacuum leak the air fuel mixture going into the engine will not be accurate thus causing the engine to stall. In this case no other option but to bring the car to a shop. Tell the mechanic to check for possible vacuum leak, usually it can cause by a problem on EGR and PCV valves.

If your car is a fuel injection type, the possible problem is a bad throttle position sensor. Since the severity of this problem remains the same over time a bad throttle position sensor is most likely the cause of the problem. The purpose of the throttle position sensor is to feed data on the engine computer system to determine the amount of gas the injection system must be injected on the engine. If the data is not accurate it will affect the amount of fuel injected into the engine, thus causing the engine stalling. Bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to check the throttle position sensor.

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