How to Identify a Great Auto Transport Company

Finding a reputable, honest company to work with in any industry is challenging. The last thing you want to happen is to be stuck with a company that looks great at first, but then turns out to be a bad egg after you start working with them. You can’t guarantee yourself a good working relationship up front, but you can take certain steps to increase the chances you work with a reliable partner. Here is what you can do:

1. Don’t work with the company offering the lowest price. While the company offering the lowest price isn’t necessarily bad, there are two issues that can occur. The first is that they are offering you a lowball price to get you in the door, and then they hit you with more fees after you sign a contract. The second is they might not place a high value on service. Consider price as one of many factors you examine, not the most important factor you research.

2. Read internet reviews. Online reviews carry some weight in the digital age. But, be careful, because sometimes people are paid to write positive reviews for companies as their profession. Reviews, like price, should be one of many factors you research, not the primary factor.

3. Talk to their customer service reps. A ten-minute conversation is worth hours of online research. How do you know if a company is trustworthy? Remember, the truth is simple. If you can’t understand how the company operates by asking just a few questions, this may indicate the company is sneaky with its billing practices. If the company you are talking with seems to be putting doing the right thing as its priority, then they most likely can be trusted.

By following these three points, you can increase the chances you end up working with a great auto shipping company. You can never eliminate the risk, but you can increase the likelihood of a successful long-term business relationship. To speak directly with an auto transporter with over 20 years of experience, check out Direct Connect Auto Transport.

Direct Connect is a carrier that knows how to handle specialty jobs, such as classic cars and luxury vehicles, and we have been consistently rated five stars by our satisfied customers. If you not only want to have a luxury car moved door to door, but would also like to get enough sleep while it's in transit, Direct Connect is the only company for you!

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