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What Causes the ABS Light to Come On and Go Off

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What causes the ABS light to come on and go off is a fault somewhere in the Antilock Brake System usually, the wheel speed sensor is faulty.

What does it mean when the ABS light came on in your car? An abs system involves several sensors, a hydraulic device, and a computer that regulates and monitors the device that makes it so complicated. If the ABS light came on in your car while driving it means that there is something wrong somewhere in the anti-lock system.

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Normally the ABS light will come on for a couple of seconds just after the car is started because the system is running some self-test, but when the light will stay on and do not turn off then something is wrong and it means a problem with the system.

What does It Mean When Your Car ABS Light Comes on

(1)Fault somewhere in the ABS system.

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What to do?
A fault in the system will not mean that you cannot stop your car when applying the brake, because ABS will only be activated during panic braking therefore if there is a fault in the system it only means that the ABS will not work in this situation but the normal brake will still work just fine. the usual problem when ABS light comes on is a faulty speed sensor.

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Bring the car to the repair shop to have it checked by the mechanic, doing a diagnosis and repairing this kind of problem is costly since the brake is still working fine you may opt to skip the repair at the time.

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