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What Causes Backfire in an Engine

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It's important to note that diagnosing engine issues can be complex and may require a professional mechanic to accurately identify the problem. The suggestions provided are based on common scenarios, but there may be other potential causes for the backfiring issue.

Possible Cause of Engine Backfire

(1) Problem with Air Injection System.
(2) Valves not sealing properly.

If the backfiring only occurs when decelerating, it's likely related to a problem with the air injection system, specifically the diverter valve. The diverter valve is responsible for diverting the flow of fresh air away from the exhaust manifold during deceleration to prevent unburned gases from causing a backfire. It's recommended to take the vehicle to a reputable garage and ask the mechanic to check the air injection system, specifically the diverter valve.

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If the backfiring occurs under various circumstances, it's possible that the valves are not sealing properly or the engine timing is off. Leaking fuel into the exhaust manifold due to valves not sealing properly or incorrect timing of the spark plugs can cause backfiring. It's recommended to have a mechanic check the valves and timing of the engine to determine if they are the cause of the backfiring.

When looking for a garage, consider finding one that is approved by a reputable organization like AAA, as they often have policies to investigate and resolve any disputes that may arise after the work is done. It's important to communicate the symptoms and scenarios in which the backfiring occurs clearly to the mechanic to assist with an accurate diagnosis.

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