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When the Brakes are Hit and the Steering Shakes?

What does it mean when you hit the brakes and your steering shakes? Well, obviously since the steering wheel shakes when the brake is hit then it is an indication of the problem on the car front end specifically the front brakes.


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Most car is equipped with a disc brake on the front, this disc brake is connected to the front end going to the steering wheel thru the steering column. So, if there is a problem on the disc brake the driver will easily notice it on the steering wheel especially if there is shaking. The only possible reason why the steering wheel is shaking when you hit the brakes is the misalignment of the disc and the pad. Misalignment occurs if the front disc is warped, in this case, the brake pad the disc will have uneven contact with each other and creates vibration. Another possible reason for steering shakes is when the front wheel bearings are loose or worn out.

 Possible reasons why steering shakes when you hit the brakes

1. Warped front disc creating a misalignment between the rotor disc and the pads
The Truth About Cars
Front Disc
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2. Loose or worn out front wheel bearings

The Truth About Cars
Wheel Bearing
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What to do?
Bring the car to the repair shop and asks the mechanic to first check the front wheel bearings for any looseness or if the front wheel bearings are worn out, replace the bearings if necessary. If the bearings are good then the problem is the warped disc brake.

Let the mechanic remove the disc and bring to the machine shop for machining. When the disc is machined it is mandatory to replace the brake pads so that it will align to the disc.

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