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How to Check a Bad Radiator Cap

How to Check a Bad Radiator Cap

Damage or leaking radiator cap is one of the reasons for the engine overheating, therefore, it is also necessary to check the radiator cap from time to time. How to Check a bad Radiator Cap

Step1. During checking make sure that the engine is not running and completely cools down. 

Step2. Check the function of the radiator cap. Remove the radiator cap and check if there are damage or cracks on valve seat that may result in leaking radiator cap. Pull the negative pressure valve to open the valve, check the valve if the valve closes completely when released.

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How to Check Radiator Cap

Step3. Connect the radiator cap to the radiator cap tester and check if the surface of the valve seat is wet. 
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Radiator Cap Tester

Step4. Apply pressure up to the limit of relief pressure with the radiator cap.

Step5. Check the airtightness by moving up the meter needle in range of pressure. The testing limit pressure is 0.9kg/cm2 if the needle does not rise above this value when the pressure is applied then the radiator cap functions properly. Genuine Toyota (16401-20353) Radiator Cap Sub-Assembly

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