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How Often Should You Change Your Oil? A Complete Guide

How Often to Change Oil
How Often to Change Oil

One of the common services for routine car maintenance that we sometimes neglected is the oil change but, do you know how often should you change your oil? How often to change oil is one of the crucial items that the car owner must always follow. If you the car manufacturer schedule of how often should you get an oil change, the excessive wear on your our car engine key components will be prevented

Why change oil is necessary?

As oil is continuously used it will lose its effectiveness by carbon or metal particles and the viscosity will be reduced by oxidation.

What happens if deteriorated oil is continuously used?
If the oil is continuously used without changing the oil, the engine friction portion will wear out quickly.

The engine will be damaged because of corrosion.
The engine will overheat.
Your fuel economy will become worst.
The engine power will be decreased.
And the worst case an engine seizure will occur.

How often to get oil change will depend on the driving condition, for the normal operation conditions the oil change frequency is every 6 months or 5,000 km whichever comes first for diesel engine and once a year or 10,000 km whichever comes first for the gasoline engine.

However, it is recommended to shorten the oil change frequency, 1000 km or every 3 months whichever comes first if you are driving on a severe condition.

Severe condition driving is,
When you are driving on the dusty area
When you are always driving on short distances
When you are driving with a towed vehicle
When you are driving with extensive idling
When you are driving on an extremely adverse condition or areas with extremely low or extremely high temperature
Driving on a mountainous area or high humidity area
Driving on an area with salt or corrosive material
Driving on a rough rod, muddy road or desert
Driving with frequent use of braking
Frequent driving in water

How often should you get an oil change is very important, it is important as do nothing else in the way of preventive maintenance except the oil change?

Again, if you do not follow the oil change frequency, you can be guaranteed that your car engine life will be shortened. Also make it a habit to regularly check the oil in your car.

Is engine oil for petrol and diesel engine different?
The engine oil is different depending on the type of engine. If the oil specification starts from “S” for “Spark Ignition” like SJ or SH this engine oil is for petrol only. If the Engine oil specification starts from “C” like CD or CC, this engine oil is for a diesel engine only. But there is universal oil which can be used for either petrol or diesel engine like SE-CC specification.

Difference between mineral base oil and synthetic base oil

There are two types of engine oil depending on the material contained this oil is the mineral type and synthetic type. Synthetic type is usually used for racing as it has good heat resistance however, it is very expensive. For normal use, it is recommended to use mineral type oil because of its cost performance. Never extend replacement interval in case synthetic oil is used, as its improved cleaning performance means the oil becomes dirty quickly.

What happens if low-grade oil is used?
If you use low-grade oil your engine may suffer from higher friction leading to poorer performance and wears out.

How to Check Oil in Car

It is a must to regularly check the oil level in the car especially every time before the car is used. It may result in a car break down. In case the car user manual is not available here's how to check the oil in the car.

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