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The Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting Power Windows in Your Car

Troubleshooting Power Windows
The power windows problem often comes in several ways like when the power windows open slowly or even to the point out that the entire window stop working properly. In any case, having a power windows problem happening can be annoying especially when the problem occurs while raining. Troubleshooting power windows problem is no need for an expert mechanic, you yourself can do the troubleshooting of power windows you just have to know the basic on how to do troubleshooting.

Functions of power windows
Auto Operation
The power window AUTO feature enables the driver to open or close the driver-side power window without holding the power window switch in the down or up position. The AUTO feature operates for the driver-side window only.

Power Window Lock
The power window lock is designed to lock operations of all windows except for the driver side. When the lock switch is pressed to the lock position, the ground circuit for the sub-switches in the power window main switch is disconnected. This prevents the power window motors from operating for other passengers’ power windows.

Timer Function
With the timer function, the driver-side power window can be operated for approximately 15 minutes after the ignition switch is turned OFF (or any position other than ON). However, the timer will be canceled when a specific signal, such as the driver door closed (door switch OFF) → open (door switch ON) or ignition switch OFF → ON, is input.

Driver Side Power Window Anti–Pinch Function
During the raising operation of the driver-side power window, if the power window main switch detects that a foreign object is pinched between the window and the door glass run, the power window immediately lowers approximately 150 mm (5.91 in).

Troubleshooting power windows

1. Start your troubleshooting by looking first at the cause of the problem. Start troubleshooting power windows by checking on the power window switch. Remove the power window switch and look for any signs of corrosion or dirt. Corrosion and dirt on the terminals sometimes cause the power window to malfunction, especially on the driver side. Cleaning the switch for corrosion usually, fix the problem.

Power Windows Switch
Check power windows switch power supply
Turn the ignition switch ON then using a Multi-Tester check voltage between the power window switch connector the voltage should be equal to battery voltage. After cleaning if the power windows still have a problem.

2. Locate the power window motor. Usually, a bad motor is the cause of the power window problem. Power window motors like any other part worn out, if the motor worn out the power window will malfunction replace the power window motor to solve the problem.

Troubleshooting Power Windows
3. If the motor is OK the next thing to check is the window regulator. Remove the trims of the window where the power window malfunction occurred. Locate the power window regulator your car service manual has specific instructions on how to remove the window regulator. The power window regulator cannot be repaired so you need to replace the power window regulator if the regulator is bad to fix the problem. Any auto shop offers this kind of part.

4. After replacing the power window regulator, test the power window if it functions properly before returning the trims.

When the car gets old its part worn out so it is expected that the car will develop problems like power window malfunction but the life of your car can be prolonged if you will just follow the recommended maintenance schedule set by your car dealer, the schedule can also be found on the car user manual.

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