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Transmission Jump Out of 1st Gear

Car Trouble Symptom
While driving your car, the transmission jumps out of first gear.
Car Problem Diagnosis
When the transmission jumps out of first gear it indicates a possible problem on the shift linkage. Manual transmission is a very complex part of your car that is why it is very difficult to explain to non-mechanic why the shift linkage can cause the transmission to jumps out of gear. The shift linkage has something to do why the transmission stayed in gear. If the shift linkage is out of adjustment it can cause the transmission to jump out of gear.

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There are other causes of this problem but it can only be determined by inspecting the actual transmission, without inspecting the actual transmission, the cause of the transmission trouble that we mentioned here is only a possibility but probably the most possible cause of the transmission problem.

Possible cause why transmission jumps out of first gear
Out of adjustment shift linkage

What to do?
Seek a reputable auto repair shop specialized in manual transmission, if your car is under warranty you will be covered for any cost incurred during the repair. Ask the mechanic to inspect the shift linkage and adjust if necessary. If after the adjustments, the problem of the transmission that jumps out of first gear still occurred then you will be facing a costly repair.

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