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Is Your Steering Wheel Stiff? Here's What You Need to Know

Steering Wheel Stiff

In the power steering car, if the steering wheels become stiff the problem often trace to a faulty power steering pump. A car with power steering is equip with power steering pump that pumps power steering fluid to create hydraulic force which is applied to the steering gear box to make the steering wheel turn a lot easier.

When the car steering pump occasionally fails and will stop pumping for a moment, there will be no hydraulic pressure applied thereby causing your car steering momentarily becomes stiff.

Also, if your power steering belt becomes wet, it can slip and cause the steering to be stiff sometimes. and will cause the steering wheel hard to turn. Bring your vehicle to a reputable shop and ask the mechanic to check your car power steering system, probably you’ll have to replace your power steering pump.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a power steering system but still you encounter this kind of problem, the possibility is that your car is lacking lubrication on the steering gears or linkage.

Usually this kind of system is lubricated with grease to reduce friction thus making your car easier to steer.
Just bring your vehicle to a shop and have the mechanic to lubricate your car various steering gears and linkages, probably your car will need to be replace with one or more lubrication seals as this is might already broke and most likely the cause of loss of lubrication on your car steering system.

Another possible cause also of stiffer steering wheel is when your front tire is under inflated if this is the condition just add the exact amount of air base on the recommended tire pressure by your vehicle manufacturer to correct the problem.

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  1. Hi... I have VW Golf 4 and am having this problem (steering wheel becoming stiff at times). Am getting this problem like when driving after a longer period of time (when the car heats up a little more), and when this happens for ex. when i want to park as am turning the wheel with stiffness the engine turns off.. I've checked for lubrication its fine, tires are fine too. Is it the power steering pump the problem or... ?


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