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Manual Transmission Pops Out of Reverse

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Manual transmission pops out of reverse because of faulty shift linkage or weak shift rail spring tension, other can determined by actual checking of transmission.

Manual transmission pops out of reverse reason

(1) Faulty shift linkage.
(2) Weak shift rail spring tension.

Due to the complexity of manual transmissions, it's hard to explain to a non-mechanic exactly why a problem with the shift linkage or something called the shift rail can cause the transmission to jump out of gear (reverse gear in this case).

We are assuming you're not a mechanic and therefore it would be pointless to provide any kind of detailed explanation. However, just know that both the shift linkage and spring tension on the shift rail has a lot to do with the transmission staying in reverse gear. Therefore, when the linkage is faulty (i.e. worn or just out of adjustment) or the shift rail spring tension is weak, the transmission can pop out of gear.

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Incidentally, the diagnoses provided are only likely possibilities. There are, however, other possible causes that can only be determined by a professional.

What to do?
If this vehicle is under warranty, extended warranty, or a service contract you'll be covered for any work necessary. Otherwise, you'll need to seek out a reputable shop that specializes in manual transmissions. Have the mechanic inspect and adjust the shift linkage. If that doesn't fix the problem then you'll likely be facing more costly work.

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