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Suspension Problem Troubleshooting and Tips

Clicking Noise at Front End on Turning
This kind of problem can always be pointed out to a CV joint. However, if your car is a rear wheel drive then that’s a different story because rear wheel doesn’t have CV joint. So, it necessary to determine whether your car is a front wheel drives or rear wheel drive.

Out of Balance Wheel or Out of Round Tire
Your car will vibrate on a certain speed. When the steering wheel vibrates most likely the problem involves the front tire, however if the rear tire has problems, the vibration can also be felt on the car body.

Screeching Tires When Cornering
Screeching tires during cornering can cause by two reasons, an alignment problem or improper tyre pressure, either your car tire pressure is under inflate or over inflate, with that said, check which of the two is causing screeching tires.

Tire Rotation Prevents Uneven Tread Wear
Tire rotation is necessary for your car not just only to maximize your tire life but also to prevent uneven tread wear and it’s a must to include it in your car periodic maintenance.

Abnormal Tire Wear On Inside Edge of Tire
If there is an abnormal tire wear on inside edge of car tire, this only means that there is a problem of wheel alignment, specifically the tilting of the wheel. Wheel alignment means the straightness of wheels relative to the cars frame.

Tire Maintenance
Tire safety involves one of the parts that we often neglected in terms of auto maintenance, we do not care about the condition of our auto tires as long as it keeps our auto rolling or until it came a time when we involve into an auto accident because of poor auto tires performance due to poor tire safety maintenance.

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