Apr 28, 2008

Car Pulls to One Side when Stepping On Brakes

When the car pulls to the right when braking or either left this kind of problem usually it involves your car front end, front brakes or front tires.

As you do not know, your car front end or front tires controls the steering and the front brakes do most about 75% of the braking, so you better check those three parts to determine what causes the problem.

Lets start by checking your car front tires,
Get a tire pressure gauge and find out if one of your front tires has more air than the other. If your car front tires has uneven amount of air then this causes the pulling, because an uneven amount of air in your car front tires can cause imbalance on your car front ends thus causing your car to pull to one side, you can always notice this especially when you are braking, just add the required amount of air on the affected tires to correct the problem, the key point is that you must have the same amount of air in both of your front tires, use the recommended tire pressure of your car manufacturer, usually it can be found on your car owners manual.

If for instance you have the same tire pressure on both of your car front tires then you have to find out whether the problem involves your car front end or your car front brakes.

To find out what really causes the problem, drive your car on a level road slightly relax your grip for a second on the steering wheel as you are driving, notice if your car will pull to one side of the road either left or right. This test is to verify if your car tends to pull on one side even when you do not step on your car brakes.

When your car pulls to one side even when you do not step on your car brake then the problem is about alignment of front end parts this condition can be more noticeable when you step on your car brake pedal. Also, a possibility of car brake problem is the cause but this is very rare to happen, the front end misalignment is more likely causes the problem.

To correct the problem, bring your car to a reputable shop to have your car front end aligned, if the mechanic recommends replacing one or more bad suspension parts, seek first a second opinion before doing so.

Now, to find out if you have a car brake related problems, park your car on a level ground then loosen your car front wheels and have your car jack up use a tripod to support both of your car front end, remove your car front tires to exposed your car brakes. Examine your car brakes disc rub your finger across each disc, but before doing so wait for the brake disc to cools down, to find out if there is a presence of an oily substance, or grease or even brake fluid.

If there is a presence of any of the substance mentioned then your have a contaminated brake disc that causes the pulling because the substance reduces the friction between your car disc and pads as a result there is an uneven braking between your left and right brakes if you have an uneven braking this will cause your car to pull on one side when the brake is applied. To correct the problem bring your car to a reputable shop to check if there is a leak on your car brakes somewhere else that causes the presence of the substance.

Another cause of your to pull on one side when your brake is applied but is rarely to happen, is when you have a mismatch disc this is when one disc is thicker than the other, also if you have, also if you have a mismatch of brake pads where in one brake pads is thicker than the other, bring your car to a reputable shop and have the mechanic to correct the unmatched components.

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