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Navara Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

Automatic transmission fluid affect the performance of your Nissan D40 transmission, base on the fluid color you can determine if there is trouble inside the D40 automatic transmission. With that said it is necessary to include the automatic transmission fluid in your maintenance monitoring.

How to change automatic transmission fluid for Navara D40

Step 1. Start the engine and warm up the automatic transmission fluid.

Step 2. Stop the engine then loosen the level gauge bolt and remove the A/T fluid level gauge.
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Step 3. Remove the drain plug and drain the ATF from the drain hole. Install the drain plug gasket and drain plug to oil pan after the transmission fluid is completely drain. Always remember that drain plug gasket must be replaced, do not reuse the gasket.

Step 4. Refill the transmission with new automatic transmission fluid. Pour the ATF at A/T fluid charging pipe with the engine idling, while refilling drain the remaining old transmission fluid from A/T fluid cooler hose return side. If the color of the fluid that comes out is the same as the color of the new ATF then the replacement is completed.

The amount of new ATF to use should be 30 to 50% increase of the specified amount. Use Genuine Nissan ATF Matic J for automatic transmission, the ATF capacity is 10.3 liter (9-1/8 imp qt).

Step 5. After the replacement is completed, run the engine at idle speed for 5 minutes, and then check the A/T fluid level. If the ATF is still dirty then repeat step 1 to 5.

Step 6. Install the removed A/T fluid level gauge into A/T fluid charging pipe and tighten the level gauge bolt. When you replace Navara automatic transmission fluid avoid spilling of ATF to parts that generates heat such as the exhaust system. Use only recommended Nissan ATF.

Using different type of ATF may cause deterioration in drivability and automatic transmission durability which might damage the A/T of your D40 Navara. This kind of problem is not covered by warranty. Therefore make sure that you follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your Nissan Navara D40.

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