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Car Gears Grinding Sound on Shifting

Car Trouble Symptom
Car gears produce grinding noise when shifting on all car gears position.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Car gears grinding sound when shifting in all gear position means that there is a problem involving a meshing of your car gears, when this happens the first thing we look into is the clutch, possible reason is that the clutch does not fully release since this was encountered not only on first gear but on all gear position. The clutch is the one that disconnects the engine from the transmission when you are about to change your car gears, if the clutch does not fully release all of the gears inside the transmission will clash, thus grinding sound is heard when making your car shifting.

Possible Cause of Transmission Problem
Not fully release clutch causing car gears grinding sound

What to do?
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop that specializes in transmission diagnosis and repair, then ask the mechanic to first inspect the clutch linkage and adjust if necessary to fix the problem. However, if the mechanic advises you to overhaul your transmission, do not agree to seek first a second opinion from a various auto repair shop to avoid a costly repair, take care of this problem at once to avoid a major breakdown of your car gears.

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