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Clunk Noise When Shifting Automatic Transmission

When you shifting automatic transmission from “P” position the transmission produce clunking noise.

Automatic Transmission troubleshooting
Automatic transmission must have enough automatic transmission fluid to operate properly if the fluid is not correct then this can cause a problem. However, if the fluid level is correct, this kind of problem can cause by a problem of a loose part.

As you may not know, when shifting from the “P” position the torque from the engine is transferred into the transmission, now if there is a loose part on the parts involve it can cause clunk noise. Usually, clunk noise can either be cause by a bad engine mounts, which holds the engine to the frame, or a bad drive line joints.

Possible Cause of Automatic Transmission Clunk Noise
Incorrect Fluid Level, Bad Engine Mounts or Bad Drive Joints.

How to Fix Clunk Noise When Shifting
The first thing to look at is the automatic transmission fluid level, check the automatic transmission fluid level if the fluid level is low, add a necessary amount, however, if the fluid level is high, you’ll need to drain the excess fluid.

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Now, if the problem is a bad engine mounts or bad drive joint, you do not have any choice but to bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in automatic transmission and ask the mechanic to check both the engine mounts and drive line joints. With this kind of problem you will face costly repair, take care of this problem at once so that the problem will not get worst which might affect the transmission.

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