Automatic Transmission Whine Noise

Automatic transmission whine noise occurs while the car is driven.

Car troubleshooting

Automatic transmission whine noise is an indication of a serious transmission problem occurring from inside. Most transmission noise problems are due to a very low A/T fluid inside the transmission. However, when the automatic transmission fluid is within the normal level, then expect a very serious problem that causes growling noise such as damaged or worn out transmission components.

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Whining noise is a result of the incorrect rotation of transmission components such as bearings or gears that comes in contact with other components inside the transmission. Now, why did these components rotate incorrectly? The reason is the parts might have damaged or extremely worn out bearing or gears, this is only a possibility and to identify the real culprit the parts must be checked in actual.

Possible Cause of Whining Noise on an automatic transmission

Extremely worn out or damaged automatic transmission components such as gears or bearings.

How to fix whining noise on the automatic transmission

Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shops specialize in automatic transmission and ask the mechanic to inspect the parts and determine the cause of growling noise. Probably the mechanic will open up the parts for a better transmission problem diagnosis to locate the cause of the noise. Such inspection work will entail high costs especially when the mechanic will proceed with the repair work. Let's hope that the car is under warranty to cover for car breakdown repair. Take care of this problem at once to avoid a more costly repair in the future.

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