AT Gear Selector Linkage Not Working

When the gear selector linkage is in “P” position, car won’t hold.

Troubleshooting car problems of not working gear selector for A/T transmission
When the automatic transmission gear selector won’t hold, two possible reasons can cause this kind of problem, it’s either the linkage is out of adjustments or the parking lock pawl could be bad. When the linkage that connects the gear selector to the transmission internal components is out of adjustment, actually the automatic transmission is not in “P” position thus the car will not hold. Like wise when the parking lock pawl goes bad the car will be able to move. Parking lock pawl is the one that holds the car stationary when the gear selector is in “P” position.

Possible Cause of faulty gear selector linkage
Bad parking lock pawl or Linkage is out of adjustments.

How to fix faulty gear selector linkage for automatic transmission
To keep the car from moving use the emergency brake and bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop that specializes in automatic transmission and ask the mechanic to check the gear selector linkage and parking lock pawl.

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