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Common Transmission Problems

Transmission Slipping Out of Gear 

Transmission is slipping out of high gear because of excessive input shaft movement or a faulty shift linkage.

Noise When Shifting a Manual Transmission 

When shifting in one or more gears noise occurs, this problem usually caused by rotating parts.

Grating Noise When Clutch Pedal is Depress 

When the clutch pedal is depressed there is a grating noise occur possibly because of a faulty throw out bearing.

Engine Poor Response When Clutch Pedal is Release 

While the clutch pedal is release the engine response is poor. Usually this condition will occur when the clutch worn excessively or out of adjustments.

Transmission Jump Out of 3rd Gear 

Transmissions that jump out the 3rd gear is an indication of a problem of faulty shift linkage or excessive input shaft movement

Transmission Jump Out of 2nd Gear 

When the transmission jumps out of second gear it indicates a possible problem of loose shifter fork or out of adjustments shift linkage.

Transmission Jump Out of 1st Gear 

When the transmission jumps out of first gear it indicates a possible problem on the shift linkage.

Grinding Sound When Shifting to Forward Gears 

When a grinding sound only occurs on a particular forward gears, usually is an indication of a problem involving the synchronizer of that particular gear.

A/T Vehicle Won’t Hold on P Position 

Problem of car with automatic transmission that won’t hold even when the selector lever is in “P” position is often cause by an out of adjustment linkage.

On Higher Gear Manual Transmission Pops Out 

Manual transmission is a complex part, when this kind of problem occurs the possible cause is the problem on shift linkage or something called the input shaft.

Automatic Transmission Gear Shift Not Working 

When the Automatic transmission gear shift is not working this is a very serious problem that causes by several reasons and one of those serious problem is a completely damage transmission.

Whining Noise from Automatic Transmission 

When whining noise from automatic transmission is produce this is an indication of a serious transmission problems occurring inside.

Automatic Transmission Gear Selector Not Working 

When the automatic transmission gear selector won’t hold, two possible reasons can cause this kind of problem, it’s either the linkage is out of adjustments or the parking lock pawl could be bad.

Clunk Noise When Accelerator Pedal is Release 

When the accelerator is release while driving, the stress on the transmission is reduced.

Car Shakes While Clutch Pedal Is Released 

Manual transmission is a very complex part, without actual inspection of the transmission by a professional it is very difficult to determine what the exact cause of the problem is.

Noise When Shifting from One Particular Gear 

Noise that is noticeable when shifting in one particular gear is an indication of gear related problem.

Clutch Pedal Vibrates When Depress 

While Driving The cause of vibration on clutch pedal when depressed while driving is difficult to determine without the actual inspection of the clutch or transmission assembly.

Noise When Shifting in All Gears 

While shifting from two or more gears when a noise is heard it’s an indication of a problem inside the manual transmission that rotates every time.

Car Gears Grinding Sound on Shifting 

Car gears grinding sound when shifting in all gear position means that there is a problem involving a meshing of your car gears.

Transmission Jumps Out Of Gear On Reversing 

There are two parts of a transmission that has something to do with the transmission staying in reverse gear, namely the shift linkage and the tension spring on the shift rail.