What Causes an Engine Ticking Sound and How to Fix It

Engine ticking sound usually indicates a not fully lubricated engine. This occurs when the engine has low oil or low oil pressure. Check the engine oil level to determine if the engine has lacking oil. If the engine oil is low then this causes the ticking sound. Just add enough amount of oil to correct the problem

However, if there is enough oil in the engine but still the engine produce ticking sound then this is the case of low oil pressure on the engine. When the oil pressure is low the upper portion of the engine will not get enough engine oil to fully lubricate the engine thus ticking sound occurs. It’s very easy to check if the engine has low oil pressure by looking at the oil light on the dash. If the oil light comes on while the ticking sound occurred then poor lubrication due to low oil pressure is the cause of the problem. Low oil pressure can cause by a clogged oil pan or a bad oil pump, bring the car to the auto repair shop to determine the exact cause of why the engine has low oil pressure.

Possible Cause of Ticking Sound in Engine

(1) Low engine oil.
(2) Low oil pressure.

How to Fix Engine Ticking Noise

If the engine lacks oil, just add enough amount of engine oil. If the cause is low oil pressure inside the engine the first thing to do is to check the oil pan for clogging, then the next thing is to check the oil pump for any fault. Take care at once the ticking sound on engine problem because poor engine lubrication can cause the engine to breakdown more quickly than it used to, and it will cause you more if the engine breakdown.

How to Check Oil in the Car
If the low oil warning lights on the dashboard is on, you should check the engine oil level immediately and add engine oil as needed. Before you drive your car in the morning checking the oil in the car must be done when the engine is cold.

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