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Shaking Steering Wheel While Braking

When the brake is applied the steering wheel shakes. The shaking of the steering wheel while braking is so extreme to which the shaking can easily notice especially if the brake pedal is depressed.

Steering wheel vibration or shaking of the steering wheel during brake application is an indication of a problem mainly on the car front end. Since the steering wheel vibration occurs only during braking, therefore, it is safe to assume that the problem is related to the front brakes. More often this kind of problem is usually caused by a misalignment between the front pad and the disc.

As you may know, the front brakes are connected to the steering wheel by means of the front end, so when there is a problem on the front brakes it can easily be identified through the behavior of the steering wheel, as in this case is the shaking of the steering wheel or steering wheel vibration during braking.

Because the brake pad and the brake disc are misaligned, it will results in uneven contact between each component when the brake is applied, the uneven contact will produce vibration. The vibration will then be transferred to the steering wheel and con be noticeable especially when braking. Usually, misalignment occurs because of a warped front disc, however, another possible reason is a worn out or loose front wheel bearings.

Possible cause of steering wheel shakes while braking

Warped Front brake Disc or Loose/Worn Out Front Wheel Bearings.
How to fix steering wheel shakes
Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask a mechanic to first check your car front wheel bearing for any looseness or wear, if the result is good, then the possibility is that the problem is a warped brake disc. Has the brake disc machined to fix the problem?

Power Steering Intermittently Stiff
In the case of heavy steering, the following phenomena should be considered. These are the cases that the steering is heavy throughout the operation, this means the power steering does not function at all, the steering becomes suddenly heavy when fully turned this means the belt slip.

However, when your brake disc is machined, it is necessary to replace your brake pads so that it will mate and align to the brake disc, this will be fixed the steering wheel shakes when braking.

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