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Common Car Problems: What's Wrong With My Car?

What’s wrong with my car why is the car won’t start?

Several reasons causing a car not to start but the most common cause is related to battery problem, the battery is either weak or dead and need to be replace, so the first thing to check when your car won’t start is the battery. It is simple to find out if your car battery is weak, first is to turn the ignition “ON” this is the point where the engine is about to start. Engine “ON” is different from Engine “Start” sometimes you can find engrave on the ignition key cylinder the word “ON” and “START”.

Now, as the ignition key is turned ON, turn on the wiper. Observe the wiper blade, if the wiper operates slower than the normal then the battery is weak. Also when you turn on the headlight and the light is dim it is also an indication that the battery is weak.

Why there is black smoke coming out the tail pipe?

When there is black smoke from coming out the tail pipe it indicates that the car is burning too much gas, it means that there is too much fuel and less air on the air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. Usually this kind of problem indicates a clogged air filter. Since the air filter is clogged, the air entering the engine is restricted.

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Why there is blue smoke comes out the tail pipe?

When there is blue smoke from exhaust it only indicates that the engine is burning oil. Usually the reason why the engine is burning oil is because the rings are bad. Bad rings also make the car losses power especially when driving uphill. Rings is the one that keeps the oil from entering the combustion chamber therefore when the rings are bad the oil will leak into the chamber and burn creating blue smoke coming out the exhaust.

Why my car is sounds rough when I reach high speed?

When the engine starts to sounds rough when it reaches high speed, this is an indication of a problem with the spark plug or spark plug wires. When a car reaches high speed the spark plug fires more frequently it means that the faster the car more frequent the spark plug fires and since the spark plug is put to maximum use at high speed then the engine sounds rough.

Why is there ticking noise coming from my engine while running?

Ticking sound coming out the engine while running indicates a not fully lubricated engine. The purpose of the oil is to lubricate the engine so that parts inside the engine will not come in directly contact with each other therefore the oil serves as the barrier between those parts. Now when the engine lacks oil it means that some components are rubbing each other having metal to metal contact because of this it creates ticking sounds.

Why do my brakes make a grinding noise?

Grinding noise is an indication of excessively worn brake linings. When the brake lining worn down to metal it will rub against the disc or drum therefore creating grinding noise when the brake is apply. This usually happens when the brake maintenance have been neglected too long.

What is that rattling sound coming from the brake?

Rattling sound coming from the brakes is an indication of loose parts from the brakes. Some parts of the brakes tend to loose thereby causing rattling sound especially when it vibrates. For the disc brake usually the parts that is commonly loose is the anti-rattle springs and the caliper mounting bolts. As for the drum brake the possible loose parts is the return spring s and the caliper mounting bolt.

Why the brake pedal feels spongy when the pedal is pressed?

Spongy brake pedal is an indication of air in the brake line. Usually when brake pedal is depressed it feels solid however if there is air inside the system the air is compressed and this feels like spongy feel.

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Why my steering wheel is won’t return after coming from turn?

When the steering wheel won’t return after coming from a turn this is an indication of problem on alignment on the front wheel. Usually when coming out the turn the steering wheel return but in this case since the steering wheel won’t return then there is a problem on the “caster” and “steering axis inclination”. If these two is not within the correct setting then it creates problem.

Why my battery light is came on steadily while driving?

Battery that came on steadily while driving indicates a problem on the alternator. It is either the alternator is failing or the alternator belt is broken. The alternator is the one that charge the battery and supply electrical power to various car accessories while the car is running. Now, if the battery light came on then the alternator is not functioning properly. Likewise when the alternator belt is broken the alternator will not function thus the battery light will came on steadily.

Why my oil light is came on steadily?

The most common reason why the oil light came on steadily is because the engine lacks engine oil. When the engine oil is low, the oil pressure inside the engine is also low in this condition the oil pressure sensor will be triggered causing the oil light to come on.

Why is my car produce grinding noise when shifting to a forward gear?

If you hear a grinding sound when shifting to a forward gears, it means that the clutch is not fully releasing or the pilot bearing is binding. The purpose of the clutch is to disconnect the engine from the transmission so that the driver can change gears. Now if the clutch is not fully releasing the gears will clash or grind during shifting. As for the pilot bearing it is a part that connects the crankshaft to the transmission input shaft, if the pilot bearing do not operate smoothly it will creates grinding noise also when shifting.

Why is my car produce grinding noise when shifting into reverse?

When shifting into reverse gear and there is grinding noise it only means that the clutch is not fully releasing. The clutch is the one that disconnect the engine from the transmission to allow the driver to shift into gear including shifting to reverse gear. Now, if the clutch is not fully releasing when the clutch pedal is depressed then it will produce grinding noise.

Why does my clutch pedal vibrate when depressed?

When the clutch pedal vibrates when depressed there are three possibilities. It’s a loose clutch disc, pressure plate or flywheel. The flywheel is connected to the crank shaft and runs as the engine runs, the pressure plate is press the clutch disc against the flywheel to allow the engine to transfer the engine power to the transmission. Now if one of these three parts is loose it will wobble and creates vibration which then be transferred to the clutch pedal.

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