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Turning A Demon Into An Angel – Car Handling Tips

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Every driver knows some cars feel like they have a demon under the bonnet. For all their power, though, they have a significant pitfall. The pitfall is they are hard to handle. When push comes to shove, it feels like the car is pushing itself around the corner instead of gliding. A car that handles poorly can give a driver a lot of grief, not to mention put their safety at risk. To get rid of the demon in the bonnet, take a look at this advice.

Switch The Tyres
One of the main reasons a car doesn’t respond to a driver’s wishes is down to the tyres. Although the person behind the wheel steers and the car moves, the tyres don’t respond. Instead, they take a lot of time to warm up and move sluggishly. Anyone with tyres that aren’t up to standard can just change them according to Wiltshire Tyres and other experts. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and elbow grease, and poor handling can be a thing of the past. A tip: tyres that warm up quickly are better for handling. The heat increases the friction, and the friction makes the car stick to the road.

Wheel Tracking
Sticking with the topic of wheels, it is important to understand they won’t always align. Sometimes, the way a person drives or a pothole in the road will knock them out of sync. As a result, the ‘tracking’ of the wheels isn’t where is should be and the handling suffers. By aligning the wheels, the handling will improve significantly. When everything is in sync, the motion of the car is easy to steer and predict. A simple jerk of the wheel and the vehicle will do what the driver wants when it wants.

Reduce The Weight
Anyone that watches car programs will have visions of playing with the suspension of switching to carbon fibre. The truth is these are professional tactics, and most drivers aren’t professionals. Sure, anyone that can drive is allowed to by law, but that doesn’t make them an expert. As such, there is no need to get under the hood and mess with the internal workings of the car. Reducing the weight is as simple as removing bulky items that way it down. Is there anything in the boot, for example? A messy car is a heavy car, and a heavy car doesn’t handle well.

Junk In My Trunk | by nateOne

Lower The Car
Cars that handle well are low as well as light. The reason Lamborghini insist with such a low chassis is due to handling. A lower car has a lower centre of gravity and, therefore, can turn the corners much easier. Think of Lionel Messi running at defenders to understand it better! A quick change of the suspension, then, and the car will be much lower. All anyone needs to lower a car is lowering springs. They affect the suspension and are easy to install.

Any car that doesn’t handle like a dream just needs a bit of tweaking.

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