Feb 18, 2014

Low Brake Fluid Symptoms

Low Brake Fluid Symptoms

While driving the brake light indicator located on the instrument panel is flickering especially while driving on a bump road.

Trouble Shooting Car Problem
While driving the car and the car brake light indicator start to flicker especially on a bump road this indicates that there is a slightly low brake fluid level. Car brake has a sensor to inform the driver that the brake fluid level was already below the standard level and need to be refill.The sensor is located on the top of the brake fluid reservoir. If the brake fluid is low the sensor will trigger the brake indicator light to turn on to warn the driver that the fluid is low. Now for the above problem, since the car brake light indicator is flickering or flashing and won’t stay long especially when the car passes thru a bump road then this only means that the brake fluid is slightly low.

The flashes of the indicator light happens because when the brake fluid slosh inside the reservoir the fluid will not be in contact with the sensor for a second, this triggers the brake indicator light to turned on.

Possible Cause of Low Brake fluid
Slightly low brake fluid level

What to do?
To fix this kind of car trouble, just add enough amount of brake fluid into the reservoir, there is a line on the reservoir that will indicates the maximum brake fluid necessary, when you add brake fluid the level of fluid must coincide with the reservoir line. Be careful not to spill the fluid on the car panel because it can cause damage on the car paint. Also never leave the reservoir open for long because the fluid will become contaminated due to moisture in the air, if this happen it can cause trouble on the car brake system and the problem of the car brake light that flashes will become worst.