June 03, 2008

Steering Wheel Problem

Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking
The problem that involves the shaking of steering wheel when braking is a clear indication of problem on the front end of your car. The front end is consist of several components that is why sometimes it is difficult to identify what particular parts causes the problem.

Steering Wheel Shakes While Driving
Vibration in steering wheel can cause by two possible reasons, first is the car suffers a front wheel imbalance or secondly the car suffers from a loose front end parts. Of the above causes mentioned the most common cause of steering wheel vibration problem is the imbalanced front wheel.

Steering Wheel Feels Sloppy or Loose
Several reasons can cause the steering wheel to feel sloppy or feel like loose when you drive this happens when front tires was over inflated and has a tendency to bounce around while the car is being driven especially when driven at higher speed.

Loose Steering Wheel or Shaft
Loose steering wheel or steering shaft in most cases is cause by the steering column bracket. Steering wheel is connected on the steering shaft that is connected with a universal joint into the steering gear.

Power Steering Wheel Becomes Stiff Sometimes
Power steering that becomes stiff sometimes while driving your car is an indication of a faulty steering pump.

Steering Wheel Do Not Return After Turning on a Curve
To better understand why after coming from a curve the steering wheel won’t return requires a lot of knowledge about the car front ends and wheel alignment. Wheel alignment has something to do with the various setting of the car’s wheel, front and rear.

Stiff Steering Wheel – Manual Steering Wheel
Same with other mechanical parts, steering gears and linkages are also lubricated with grease to reduce the friction between those parts making the steering of the car much easier.

Stiff Steering Wheel Cause
This kind of problem often cause by a faulty steering pump, as you may not aware of, power steering system makes your car easier to steer during driving, this includes component such as power steering pump which pumps power steering fluid to create hydraulic force applied to the steering gear thus making your car easier to steer.

Steering Wheels Become Stiff
For power steering car, this kind of problem often trace to a faulty power steering pump, power steering cars are equip with power steering pump that pumps a power steering fluid to create hydraulic force.

Steering Wheel Vibration at High Speed
Steering wheel vibration occurs when your car reach a certain speed while driving your car.

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Anonymous said...

i have a problem. my car will stay on even when the key is removed and then wont turn off. is this because of the steering column?