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Sunday, September 14, 2008

AC Blower Causes Air Not to Come Out the AC Vents

When an AC blower is not working, no air will comes out from your car air conditioning vents or sometimes the ac barely blowing air as also a sign of blower problem..
Now, what causes the car AC blower to stop working?

Two common causes why AC blower stops, the first one is a “blown fuse” and the other one is the “Failed blower motor”. Just like any other electrical devices, the AC blower as parts of its circuit has a fuse, and for some reason it might be blown out and can cause the AC blower not to function immediately as it should be.

Same with the failed AC blower motor, as you can see the AC blower motor is the heart of the car AC blower that’s why when it’s failed the car AC blower won’t work either. Another possible reason why the car air conditioning doesn’t blown out air is when you have a faulty dashboard fan or AC blower switch, but this is rarely to happen.

How to correct the AC blower problem

The first thing you must do is to locate the car fuse box, refer to the car owner’s manual for the location. Once you locate the car fuse box, find the fuse that is associated with the AC blower, usually it is labeled with “Heater” or “A/C”.

Check the fuse to find out if it has blown if so then replace it with a fuse that is with the same ampere rating. If for instance after you replace the faulty fuse, the AC blower works but then afterward fails again, it is more likely that the car has a short circuit somewhere else, if this is the case you need to bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop and have a professional to check the car.

Suppose the AC blower fuse is still intact the possibility is that you have a failed AC blower motor or a switch wiring problem. It would be better to have a qualified mechanic to inspect and repair the car. Always seek a reputable repair shop specialized in car air conditioning repair for a good job result.


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Anonymous said...

2002 ford taurus blower working no air coming from the ac vents, tried to move blend doors and still nothing ,,,,, what next

A2V said...

Hi, thanks for the visit. Regarding your questions, does the problem occurs suddenly? Have you check the blower dash switch?