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Car Cranks but Wont Start

Car Won’t Start Just Clicks
When the car won’t start with only clicking noise is heard during starting is usually an indication of problem that involves the battery. Therefore if this kind of problem happens the first thing to be check is the condition of the car battery.

Car Not Starting Only Spinning Sounds Occurs
When a car is not starting and only an occurrence of spinning sound is heard during starting this indicates that there is slipping on the car starting drive. The starter drive is a part inside the starter that is when slipping can caused the car not to start.

Car Won’t Start on Wet Conditions
When a car won’t start on wet conditions, this indicates problem involving moisture inside a distributor cap. When air humidity becomes high, a condensation occurs and this condensation is the moisture that is presence inside the distributor cap.

Engine Won’t Start At High Temperature
An engine that won’t start when the temperature is extremely high is an indication of a problem that related with the solenoid. Solenoid is a switch that activates the starter when you turn on the car ignition key, usually the reason why the solenoid do not function as it used to be, is that when it gets extremely hot.

Car Turns Over Slowly on Starting
When starting the car engine it turns over slowly accompanied by a sound similar to a sharp metal to metal sound or grinding and howling sound while the car engine is cranking is an indication of a starter problem, probably the starter is gone bad causing a car that won’t start.
Car Turns Over Slowly on Starting – Battery Related When a car turns over slowly during starting and it won’t start, the first thing to check is the battery.

Car Won’t Start When Temperature is cold
When a car won’t start during a very cold temperature this indicates that the problem has something to do with the car battery, as you may already know a battery is consisting of electrolyte, if this electrolytes freezes up even partially the battery will then losses power that is why during starting the engine wont crank because the power is not enough to start it.

Car Won’t Start, Turn Over Slowly at Cold Temperature
If a car won’t start the first thing to inspect is the car battery, depending on the additional car problems symptoms you can determine if the battery is really the culprit, same as this case, car won’t start only when the temperature is very cold.

Car Turns Over but Won't Start
When your car won’t start and it turns over a lot faster than normal when you are trying to start it indicates car problems that have something to do with the timing belt.

Car Won’t Start – No Sound Occurs
When this kind of problem occurs the most likely problem is the one involving your car battery. Another possibility but is rarely the cause is a bad solenoid.

Car Won’t Start When Car Engine Is Cold
Two possible ways can cause your car engine not starting when the engine is cold, this happens when you have a weak car battery and the other is when you are using heavy, single weight engine oil.

Car Won’t Start No Clicking Sound
Diagnosing car won't start: To determine which of the two causes you car not to start, first check if its battery related problem, usually if it’s the battery that causes this kind of car problems you can do this kind of test to be sure.